Fury and Wilder had one of the most intense heavyweight rivalries in recent memories, but appear to have patched things up after their trilogy bout earlier this month.

Tyson Fury has wished Deontay Wilder a happy birthday just weeks after their heated trilogy fight.

There was no love lost between Fury and Wilder in the build-up to their historic third bout earlier this month, but it appears that they have managed to patch things up in recent days.

Wilder insisted that he would never show respect to Fury after being stopped for a second time by the Brit, but changed his tune in a social media message following the fight.

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And Fury has now sent a personalised video message to his rival over social media, sharing it with his millions of followers.

“This is a very special happy birthday message to my old mate Deontay ‘the Bronze Bomber’ Wilder,” Fury said in the video.

“Have a fantastic day, Wilder, thank you for the great fights we had, the trilogy, you’re a great fighter, an awesome fighter and I hope you and your family have a fantastic day.

“I hope that God blesses you abundantly, all the best, lots of love from your old pal the Gypsy King, all the best, God bless Wilder.”

Fury attempted to have a moment of sportsmanship in the ring with Wilder immediately following their third fight, but was snubbed by Wilder.

The American had dropped Fury twice in the fight, and four times in their 30 shared rounds together, but didn’t want to show any love towards his rival, after accusing him of cheating in their previous fights.

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In footage captured by Top Rank Boxing’s Real Time documentary series, Fury can be seen approaching Wilder after the bout as he recovers from his eleventh round knockout loss in the corner.

Fury can be seen walking over to Wilder’s corner and attempting to say something complimentary, before Wilder tells him there will be “no love” between the pair.

“Never mind love, there’s respect,” Fury replies in the video, before telling Wilder, “you got beat fair and square tonight. That’s it. I respect you because I’m a man.”

But Wilder replies “I won’t respect you, I won’t respect you. I will never respect you.”

However, days after the bout, Wilder made a lengthy statement congratulating Fury for his victory, which was retweeted by the Brit.

“Hopefully, we proved that no matter how hard you get hit with trials and tribulations you can always pick yourself up to live and fight again for what you believe in,” Wilder said.

“Last but not least I would like to congratulate Tyson Fury for his victory and thank you for the great historical memories that will last forever.”

It remains to be seen what is next for Wilder, who turns 36 today and had never tasted defeat at professional level before his two brutal losses to Fury.

It is expected that Fury will face Dillian Whyte next in a mandatory title defence, before attempting to unify the heavyweight division late next year with the winner of Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua’s rematch.

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