‘He’s a sore loser, an idiot. He couldn’t show guts or respect’: Tyson Fury says Deontay Wilder REFUSED to embrace him at the end of their trilogy thriller after years of heavyweight bad blood

Tyson Fury called Deontay Wilder a ‘sore loser’ and an ‘idiot’ after the Bronze Bomber refused to show some respect after the defeat.

Fury won with an 11th-round knockout to make it two wins and a draw from his last three fights with Wilder, despite being knocked down two times in the fourth round.

After his win, Fury says he approached Wilder to show sportsmanship but Wilder was not interested in any sportsmanship show.

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Fury said: ‘I said “well done, mate” and he said “I don’t want to show any sportsmanship or respect.” I said “No problem.” I was very surprised. Sore loser. Idiot.’

The Wilder has repeatedly made excuses for his defeat in their second meeting – and claimed he won the first fight despite the decision of the judges.

‘I’m a sportsman,’ Fury added in an interview on BT Sport. ‘I went over to show some love and respect and he didn’t want to show it back. So I pray for him.’

TV footage and photos from the ring showed Fury approach Wilder, who barely acknowledged the Gypsy King. The Bronze Bomber had suffered a beating in the later rounds of the fight and was later taken to hospital for checks.

The heavyweight world champion later said in his press conference: ‘How can you say I’ve cheated when you know in your own heart and your whole team knows you got beat fair and square?

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‘It’s a sore loser in boxing. He’s not the first one and he won’t be the last one. But I’ve acted like a gentleman throughout my career and that’s all I can do as a man.’

Having knocked Fury down twice early on, Wilder then hung on with sheer guts despite repeated checks from the ringside doctors.

Speaking from the ring on how the fight developed, Fury said: ‘I was down a couple of times, I was hurt, Wilder is a strong puncher.

‘It was a great fight tonight. I will not make any excuses, Wilder is a top fighter, he gave me a run for my money. I always say I am the best fighter in the world and he is the second best.

‘Don’t ever doubt me. When the chips are down I can always deliver.’

While Wilder was clearly not in the mood for pleasantries, Fury signed off on the night in his typical style – singing ‘Walking in Memphis’ on the microphone.


Despite Wilder’s menacing right hand still lurking, the Briton dropped his man again in the tenth with a crisp shot that started the onslaught.

And the 33-year-old champion achieved his second stoppage victory over Wilder, with a picture-perfect right hand to end the contest.

With history made once again, the undefeated king reflected on his ability to “deliver” once again on the biggest of occasions.

“I beat him three times and I’m a sportsman and wanted to give him some love and respect. And he didn’t want to give it back. That’s his problem and I pray for him.

“This was a great fight and October 9, 2021 will go down in history, I hope. I always said I was the best in the world and he was the second best. Don’t ever doubt me. When the chips are down, I will always deliver” Tyson Fury.

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