After initial hesitance and much pressure from the public, Deontay Wilder has finally congratulated Tyson Fury for his victory.

You can recall that immediately after the intense fight, Tyson Fury walked up to Wilder to show respect but was bluntly told by Wilder that he is not interested in showing sportsmanship, that he doesn’t respect him.

Wilders lack of sportsmanship and disrespect shocked Fury who in response called him “a sore loser”

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However, after much reluctance, pressure from the public and advice from his team, Wilder has succumbed to public pressure and swallowed his pride to finally congratulate Tyson Fury.

The shock of the defeat was so massive that it took Deontay Wilder 4 good days to process what happened on October 10th, accept defeat and then congratulate the winner.

Congratulating Fury, Wilder started by reflecting on what happened on that fateful night of his defeat:

“Wow, what a hell of a night! I would like to first and foremost thank God for allowing me to give the world another part of me that’s driven with passion and determination. I would like to thank my team and my fans for sticking by my side through this long process” – Wilder

He went on to describe how hurt and disappointed he felt after losing to Tyson Fury.

“I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed in the outcome but after reflecting on my journey, I now see that what God wanted me to experience is far greater than what I expected to happen.”

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“We didn’t get the win but a wise man once said the victories are within the lessons. I’ve learned that sometimes you have to lose to win.”

“Although, I wanted the win I enjoyed seeing the fans win even more.”

“Hopefully, I proved that I am a true Warrior and a true King in this sport.”

“Hopefully, WE proved that no matter how hard you get hit with trials and tribulations you can always pick yourself up to live and fight again for what you believe in.”

“Last but not least I would like to congratulate Tyson Fury for his victory and thank you for the great historical memories that will last forever.”- Wilder

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