The Nigerian Nightmare has been crowned by the prestigious BT sports, garnering him a landslide of a vote from fans and professional MMA critics. 

✅KO of the Year
✅ Male Fighter of the Year

Usman has always been a dangerous man in the octagon, further built on his reputation as a pound-for-pound champion in the welterweight division. It all blossomed to what it is today since earning the belt over Tyron Woodley in 2019. Since then, his deadly skillset has been a storm to be reckoned with

The 34-year-old welterweight champ continued his rampage in 2021 to silence his doubters. Usman started the year well by TKO versus Burns to start things strong. After that, the Nigerian Nightmare and his rival Masdival delivered a knock out performance that ultimately earned this year’s Knock Out award. As a result of his unanimous decision against Covington, he showed what a beast he is as a fighter in 2021. Winning all three is no easy feat, but Usman went against the odds

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Usman truly cemented himself as the most dominant fighter this year in the UFC. Today, he has included himself in the conversation to be better than Georges St-Pierre himself and the GOAT in the welterweight division. 

Fans are eager as they anticipate what’s next for the Nigerian Nightmare this year as he continues to dominate and overpower anyone who opposes his reign.

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