Chelsea winger Christian Pulisic squandered a golden opportunity in the Blues’ 1-1 draw with Leicester City Wednesday.

Following a cross from Romelu Lukaku, the American international had an open goal to aim for, but he managed to fluff his lines, sending a feeble attempt from his right foot easily wide of the far post.

However, This isn’t the first time that Pulisic’s finishing has been questioned this season. You’d expect a lot more from a £58 million player.

It is, though, indicative of a frontline that has struggled all season. While Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel can be chastised for not getting the most out of his attacking prowess, Pulisic’s recent blunder shows that the Chelsea manager can only do so much.

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Meanwhile, Pulisic’s goal-scoring profligacy has become a big point of controversy among Chelsea fans on Twitter, with some saying he should be released this summer:

@Neithy_Lekson: He offers nothing to this team

@fenthera: Sell pulisic and sign new winger

@pztjolitick: Pulisic is a good player… but not enough to wear the No 10 at Chelsea

@DG24king: He can’t be in the starting 11, he can come to help from the bench, he don’t know how to score a goal, that’s a big problem for us

@lawrenceagi1: I’m tired of pulisic 🤦🏿‍♂️

@EngrMarja: UCL final, Madrid, Liverpool both finals and this
Our No 10 can’t score tap in 😂

@Hadikurdi: Pulisic is always like this, honestly, if it’s sold, I’ll be happy

@MAnakwe: I never really rated him, he talks more than he plays

@PuntingWinners: Not good enough

@clarkeyrj: We really need to loook into selling him this summer

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