Former Orlando Pirates forward Tendai Ndoro has reportedly lost all of his assets to his South African wife, who then kicked him out their home.

Ndoro, who was known to live a flamboyant life together with wife Thando Maseko seems to have now lost all that luxury if recent report are to be believed.


Ndoro and Maseko were known to live together in a luxurious home in the Kyalami Estates in Johannesburg. Kyalami Estates is a secure residential estate with 24-hour controlled access, recreational parks, a dam, tennis, basketball, netball and squash courts, outdoor gyms, a soccer field among other amenities. The estate is well maintained and enjoys continuous upgrades to common areas.

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Now according to Zimbabwean publication B-Metro, Ndoro had a fall out with Maseko who then went on to kick the former Zimbabwe international out of their home and seize his all of his assets in the process, including their cars.


“It appears Ndoro’s property in South Africa is not registered in his name so when things were not going well with his wife, he was kicked out of their Kyalami Estate home. The biggest mistake he made was not registering the house and cars in his name and that will be his downfall.

Ndoro’s family in Bulawayo are distraught about the situation because it can’t be easy to watch their son lose everything he worked hard for in South Africa and Saudi Arabia to his estranged wife,” said what the publication described as their “trusted sources”.

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According to the same publication, Ndoro and Maseko are not a couple new to controversy. The two had a fallout that resulted in the footie spending several days in jail over domestic violence allegations

He allegedly choked her and threw a TV at her during a fight that apparently stemmed from a fake marriage certificate. The fake certificate reportedly states that Ndoro and Maseko were married on 20 September 2017, even though their actual wedding day is said to have been in December of the same year.

South African women dribbling football boys’: Is Tendai Ndoro a ‘victim of deception’?


Mako Gold thinks that South African women are dribbling Zimbabwean footballers for their money. Tendai was one of the wealthiest Zimbabwean footballers. After playing for Orlando Pirates he was transferred to Saudi Arabian side Al Faisaly in 2017. He was therefore one of the wealthiest Zimbabwean footballers in Limpopo.

However, he has now lost his assets to his estranged wife. This led Mako Gold to believe that Thando was only in it for the money and he should have known better.

He went on to compare Tendai to Zimbabwean footballer Francis Shonhai who played in South Africa for AmaZulu and Cape Town spurs. He was at one point, the highest paid Zimbabwean-born player across Limpopo. However, when he passed away in 2006 he was reportedly “broke”. It is unclear whether he lost his money to a South African woman as well.

“From the days of Francis Shonhai to Tendai Ndoro these South African women are dribbling our football boys with the same skill. Side footing their way to the $$$. Come on guys, same skiri here? Yes we know they are smashing n all but come on,” wrote Mako Gold in a tweet.

“Frail-looking” pictures of Tendai also surfaced on social media. The footballer was so unrecognisable that fans did not want to believe it was him. Take a look

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He’s now broke and back in Zimbabwe training with a local division one team.
He’s now broke and back in Zimbabwe training with a local division one team.

How was she able to do this? Tendai’s property and cars in South Africa are registered on Thando’s name. Therefore, she was able to kick him out of their lavish Kyalami Estate home and seize his cars.

This is not the first controversy the estranged couple have been involved in. In 2018, the footballer was arrested for allegedly strangling his wife and throwing a TV at her. He spent the weekend in jail before he was released on R1000 bail. This was just six months after their traditional wedding.

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