Roman Abramovich has suffered a suspected poisoning along with Ukraine peace negotiators earlier this month, sources said.

The Chelsea FC owner was reportedly poisoned just weeks ago after a meeting in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv whilst he acted as a a ‘peacemaker’ in the Russian war in Ukraine, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Following the meeting in Kyiv, Abramovich as well as two senior members of the Ukrainian team developed symptoms that included red eyes, painful tearing as well as peeling skin on their faces and hands, sources told the newspaper.

Analysts at Bellingcat confirmed that three members of the delegation – including Ambramovich – attending the peace talks between Ukraine and Russia on 3 March experienced ‘symptoms consistent with poisoning with chemical weapons’.

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Sources told WSJ they blamed the suspected poisoning attack on hard-liners in Moscow who wanted to ruin talks to end the war.

Abramovich has been jetting between Istanbul, Moscow and Kyiv for peace talks.

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