Mohamed Salah angered large portions of the Islamic community on Christmas Day after a photo he shared with his family.

This is not the first time that Salah has caused controversy on Christmas day, with the Egyptian previously having shared comparable celebratory photos and received waves of abuse online as a consequence

Yesterday, Christmas Day, Salah posted a picture on Twitter of him and his family wearing matching pyjamas as they sat in front of a highly-decorated Christmas tree. It’s a classic festive family snap.

Salah and family on Christmas day

While many used it as an opportunity to wish him and his family a Merry Christmas, unfortunately, the photo caused offence within the Islamic community online, with Salah having been sent thousands of furious messages.

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Some strong critics of Salah

Those who follow the teachings of Islam by the word were quick to remind Salah that, as a Muslim, he is not supposed to be celebrating holidays that are linked to other religions, such as Christmas with Christianity..

While, as you’ll see if you sift through the quote tweets of Salah’s post, the majority of the messages sent to him from his fellow Muslims were not particularly complimentary – Salah WAS defended by some.

Of course, the consensus among the Westerners on Twitter is that Salah is within his rights to be celebrating a holiday that is part of the culture in the country he is raising his young children

However, some Westerners (presumably) have a limited understanding of Islam and the expectations of its followers. We ought to all try and understand and respect each other’s viewpoints. There is no correct thought or feeling in this instance.

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