The Real Madrid forward has been given a 1-year suspended prison sentence and an $84K fine; his lawyer has confirmed he will appeal the decision.

Found guilty of being complicit in attempted blackmail, Karim Benzema has been handed a 1-year suspended prison sentence and an $84,000 fine 👀

His lawyer has announced that he’s going to appeal the decision: “It was clearly shown by the tribunal that Karim Benzema wasn’t aware of any plans beforehand. We’re quite stunned by this judgement. It requires appeal. He’ll be found innocent upon appeal.”

“SUSPENDED sentence” is allowed to each person who is either convicted for the first time or so young, or an old aged people if the offense is not serious.

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it’s a natural right, given on the basis of equity. In this, the accused would have to fill a bond with conditions not to repeat the said offense(s) and will maintain peace.

If the accused violate its conditions, only then he will be liable for the original sentence.

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You could recall that France and Real Madrid forward Karim Benzema went on trial in absentia on Wednesday, October 20, charged with complicity in the attempted blackmail of former international team-mate Mathieu Valbuena over a sex tape.

Prosecutors allege that Benzema, who has denied wrongdoing, encouraged Valbuena to pay a suspected group of blackmailers in order to keep the sexually explicit tape out of the public eye.

They say Valbuena received a first call threatening to expose the tape in June, 2015 while at the France squad’s training centre in Clairefontaine

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